Get the Punykura app to use this on your mobile/tablet device. The online version only works on tradtional computers.

Get the Punykura app to use this on your mobile/tablet device. The online version only works on tradtional computers. Animated PNGsEnable APNGs for save.(Animated PNGs)
APNGs require Firefox or Safari to see the animation.

When you save, your images will be private and can be downloaded to your computer.

Both a still JPG image and an Animated GIF image will be generated if it has animations. JPG is faster and preserves quality better, while GIF allows you to share the animation online on your favorite sites and boards, over e-mail, on messaging, and more!

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Punykura is an Online Purikura simulator that shrinks the purikura experience onto your computer with your WebCam, Printer, and Mouse, turning it into a Japanese Purikura Machine! Take photos of you and your friends together and make purikura(プリクラ). Decorate them with cute kawaii graphics, colored text, frames and doodles! Print it out as a 4 x 6 inch photo and frame it, share it with your friends, put it on your wall, or anywhere! All for free and no software to install!.

About Punykura

Punykura is a photobooth online Purikura Maker that simulates the Purikura experience using your web camera, or by uploading a photograph. It gives your photos a cute Japanese fasion makeover. Kawaii, Japanese and Anime style artwork personalize your pictures with your creative touch. Spiff your photos up with glitter, glamour, and adorable cuteness! This online photobooth really gives you a deep creative experience.

Paste cute sticker stamps onto your picture. You can flip them, rotate them, scale them, and change their color to your liking. Stamps include Glitter & Sparkles, Hearts, Stars, Flowers, Bows, Clothes & Accessories, Emoticons, and more.

Frame your photo with a fasionable Purikura frame. Many frames can have a custom color.

Draw on your creation with the freehand drawing pen! Choose from multiple sizes and colors.

Add Japanese Emoticons, Japanese Characters, and Japanese Phrases to your Purikura, or any other text you want. You can customize the size, color, and font!

Use camera effects to blurr your photo or lighten your skin tone.

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